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safe acessioesThe standard set of equipments for paragliding includes the canopy or wing and the harness, a flight suit, safety helmet and boots. Beginners are advised to purchase new equipment as opposed to used equipment or sharing gear to ensure they are not already worn beyond usable condition and that they meet their stated safety paragliding rating. One should consult with an instructor in choosing a conservative glider that matches one’s skill set. Paramotor equipment reviews are advised to carry with themselves a knife when flying in case of the need to cut oneself from an entanglement of cords making up the glider. Individuals at the professional level should consider carrying a reserve parachutes as an extra precaution for eventualities that the glider may fail mid-flight, as well as a two-meter radio for communication to the ground and other paragliders, a variometer for measuring changes in wind condition and GPS for ease in navigation.


Paragliding camera is from one of the most attractive and inimitable form of art. Camera is the basic and the most valuable tool for it as it helps to capture a moment that want to save as a visual form, camera is the instrument to capture any instant of time, a device to perform imaginative work and an apparatus to help in specific visual work.



Radio headsets used for paragliding.Paraglider use for radio for major for a communicating purposes & in infrequent cases pilot usage for to talk air traffic controllers.




A clock is an instrument to demonstrate, keep, and co-ordinate time.Clocks are useful for regulating. The clock can be used for measuring will still show the correct time. This piece is useful for for different that need the simulation time.


Compasses is the helpful instruments for Para gliders. But now this instrument is largely replaced by GPS units. Compass is a fundamental instruments in wilderness survival. A compass can still be a valuable backup if your GPS fails because of low batteries. Compasses tendency to be of little use if you unintentionally enter cloud on the grounds that once you begin turning they slack or lead your turn and may swing fiercely.


An altimeter measures the progressions in air weight as you climb or down, accordingly providing for your height. when flying you know your general position and how far you can reach. They let you know how far you are starting from the earliest stage landscape below.maintain necessary clearance as well as keeps you a safe distance away from other gliders or aircraft. Altimeters used by paragliders to measure altitude based on air pressure. They are normally advanced and fabricated inside a variometer, GPS or Sports watch.


Variometer is the one of the first pieces of ancillary equipment a pilot will buy. It has an altimeter in combination with a pressure related variometer. Consequently Variometer is useful for paragliding. That it gives an evidence of your rate of descent or Ascent.Most of tham provide a visual and audio lift signal. This information is useful since it lets you know if you are in lift or sink. These seals render the instrument tamper-proof and therefore legal for setting authority records.


life jackets

This life jacket is rainproof, windproof, and breathable jacket. Paragliding life Jackets protective clothing apparel can’t totally eliminate the risk of an accident because accidents are unavoidable. On the other side, it is shrewd to wear them they can absolutely reduce injury up to a significant extent. There are some jackets can help us.


GPS (global positioning system) is an essentail accessory when flying competitions, It is fundamental though to start investigation for the most comprehensive choices one can make as extent that selecting the suitable real time gps tracking systems is concerned. It can also be interesting to view a GPS track of a flight when back on the ground, to analyze paraglding kits flying technique. Different uses incorporate being able to determine drift due to the predominating wind when flying at elevation, to give provided position information to allow restricted airspace to be avoided, and identifying one location for recognizing teams one area for landing-out in unfamiliar territory.

Oxygen systems

Oxygen is the most significant thing as far as life is concerned. Many aviators have just a imprecise sympathetic of the oxygen systems considered to keep them safe and attentive at elevation. A movable oxygen system can significantly increase safety, passenger comfort and your Paragliding flying utility.

Hook knife

Flying suits

Flying suits are extraordinary for flying.A flying suit is exceptionally valuable for paragliding & hanggliding equipment. A flight suit is a full body garment, worn while flying a powered aircraft such as military airplanes and helicopters. While hanggliding Paragliding equipments essential safety flying suite and wearing them is very important. important.wingsuit flying Technique requires the flyer to whichever jump out of an aircraft or off a precipice to sufficiently a high enough elevation.


Boots are very exceptionally in your everyday working life.Boots is valuable and safe Paragliding. boots the sole qualities about your feet can be very useful in helping save flying.Safety footwear is designed to defend feet against a wide assortment of injuries save accidents paragliding.


The Paragliding Gloves to safe men wear to protect their hands,fingers and thumbs form adverse process or conditions. their functionality is determined by the material and design of the glove.


Paraglding save to utilize protective helmets this is an altermate apparatus for high mountain flights.whether wearing a head protectors is essential or relies upon the individual.Between open and full face helmets to make sure that you will remain comfortable and safe while in flight.anyway you ought to keep in mind the utilization of it on the ground that there are benefits of using a well being paragliding helmet.

Paragliding Lanching accessories



The paraglider wing is comprised of two layers of material which are connected to internal supporting material to structure a row of cells. Paragliding wings come in Many sizes. The wing size that will fit you relies on upon your Launch Weight. By leaving majority of the cells open only at the front (leading) edge, approaching air keeps the wing exaggerated, accordingly keeping up its shape.

Harness Accessories




Harness handles

Towing bridle


Speed bars & stirrups

GIN Soft shackle